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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Throttle dies in auto2

From: Pascal
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Throttle dies in auto2
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 23:56:01 +0200
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Hi Roman, Hi Anton,

the default is "no slew" (pid.c:131, CLIMB_MAX_DIFF_GAZ=1).

What is expected (from what I reread in the code):
 - MANUAL: no control on the throttle, you get what you set on the stick
- AUTO1, AUTO2: slew is active: you cannot immediately go from throttle=0 to throttle=100%. The variation in time is limited by CLIMB_MAX_DIFF_GAZ

Before the switch
 - desired_gaz is set (main_ap.c:258)
 - pid_slew() is run (main_ap.c:462)
so the controller follows (with a delay) your manual throttle command (of course this desired_gaz value is unused by the fbw process in this mode) After the switch: desired_gaz smoothly evolves from the current value to the one computed by the controller (AUTO2) or set by the stick (AUTO1)

So I can't explain the problem you observe ... And I can't reproduce it with the simulator :-(

About the CLIMB_MODE_PITCH: desired_gaz is set to nav_desired_gaz which is set by the navigation task, i.e. the flight plan.

So we will have to boot a plane to figure out the problem. I think we almost never flew in MANUAL since the slew control was implemented ...

Last remark: do we really want the slew in AUTO1 ?


address@hidden wrote:

Ive seen this before. What climb mode are you using? If you arent specifying then Im pretty sure that part functions. However There is a throttle slewing built in, Pascal would have to tell you whether its default on or not, as I
dont have code infront of me.


Quoting Roman Krashanitsa <address@hidden>:

Guys, I have this weird behavior while flying in manual/auto1 and then
switching to auto2. First the throttle dies to 0, then slowly goes up to the
required value. Im I doing something wrong?

I suspect that this is related to the initial value of nav_desired_gaz
variable in nav.c when climb_mode==CLIMB_MODE_PITCH
All other cases use controlled_gaz.

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