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RE: [Paparazzi-devel] New to your project

From: Nicolas Calderon
Subject: RE: [Paparazzi-devel] New to your project
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 11:16:32 -0400

Hi Yves,

I'm from Sherbrooke, Quebec, and it's great to have another Canadian
interested in Paparazzi.

I am not part of paparazzi developers, but have been working on Paparazzi
for some time now. There is no project "director" as this project was
started by Antoine and Pascal (from Toulouse, France) as a hobby. Instead of
calling them "director", we often call them "master" ;)

Jeremy and Anton (from miraterre) have also been involved in the project for
a while. Martin has brought great contributions to the project too...

As you can see, there is no vertical hierarchy here, as there would be in a
company. Everyone helps everyone, trying to make the project better. It is
the purpose of making it open hardware and open source :D

Enough of group history, down to the real thing:

Paparazzi2 and Paparazzi3 are not as different as you could think. When we
started implementing Paparazzi, we had the same kind of concern. Pprz2 or
Pprz3? Every board (at least the most usual ones) are compatible with both
version of software, so I would suggest you go with Pprz3, as pprz2 is not
maintained anymore. Furthermore, Pprz3 has a great load of new features you
might find interesting later (as multiple aircraft on a single ground
station). So, choosing between Pprz3 will not keep you from using older
board. (for instance, we use v1.2.1 board which is one of the first hardware
with pprz3).

For IMU and IR, Pprz3 I still built to work with IR. Antoine and Miraterre
are working on an IMU sensing, but even then, it is used along with IR. I'm
not even sure IMU management is included in the main tree of Paparazzi3.

For ARM, Tiny is airborne and giving great results. It's the board Antoine
has been giving most of his time lately (I think). Results are getting
better and better. I guess Antoine will be the best placed to suggest which
board you should start with.

For support, as I said earlier, there is no Pprz2 or Pprz3 hardware. For
now, AVR board is still supported in Pprz3. I have been told AVR support
might be stopped someday, but I'm pretty sure you would have time to fly it
before support is stopped.

For other question, you can see the wiki at:

Another quick way of getting answers to questions is to join the IRC
channel: #paparazzi on freenode network. It make take some time for you to
get a hold of someone, but when you do, you'll have answers to all your
questions ;)

I'll stop for now as this mail is getting long enough. Join us on IRC, much
easier :D

Nicolas Calderon

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Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] New to your project


I'm from Montreal, Canada and I have been looking into your project for the 
last couple of days.

I have a great interrest for UAV and MAV. I also have some model air plane 
and microcontroller experiance.

First let me congradulate you for some very impressive results.

I was able to replay the logs and watch the GUI of the ground station do 
it's thing, etc.

I'd like to hear a little more about the direction of the project.

I have so many questions :)

Basically, should I invest time and money on building the AVR based hardware

of paparazzi2 or should I start working on the hardware platform from 

About paparazzi3, will it be IMU based only, or will the IR sensor be usable

as well?

I'm confused about the various controlers found in the CVS... What's the 
difference between tiny and tiny_proto? On the classix, where is there two 
ARM processors?

Are you planning to have a single CPU (FBW and autopilot) board and a dual 
CPU (one for FBW and one for autopilot) board?

Do you have an ARM based autopilot airworthy yet?

Do you plan on maintaining support for the airborne hardware of paparazzi2 
(AVR) into the paparazzi3 ground station?

I have so many questions, I better stop here for now :)

Thanks in advance!


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