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[paparazzi-builds] [Paparazzi Bamboo] Paparazzi > CI Dev > #46 has FAILE

From: Paparazzi build server
Subject: [paparazzi-builds] [Paparazzi Bamboo] Paparazzi > CI Dev > #46 has FAILED. Change made by Felix Ruess <address@hidden>.
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2011 07:22:57 +1100 (EST)

Paparazzi > CI Dev > #46 has failed.
Code has been updated by Felix Ruess <address@hidden>.
1/2 jobs failed, no tests found.

Failing Jobs
Build on Mac OS Lion (Build) Duration: 4 minutes Tests: No tests found Logs | Artifacts

Code Changes View all 13 code changes
Felix Ruess <address@hidden>
Merge pull request #98 from flixr/ahrs_float_cmpl_rmat

Ahrs float cmpl rmat
Felix Ruess <address@hidden>
fix float_rmat_reorthogonalize to comply with strict aliasing rules: do not cast matrix rows to vect3, use const vectors for rows and new MAT33_ROW_VECT3_SMUL macro to write back to matrix
Felix Ruess <address@hidden>
create const struct for r2 instead of using a pointer to avoid breaking strict aliasing rules

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