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[paparazzi-builds] [Paparazzi Bamboo] Paparazzi > Paparazzi-tools Mac bi

From: Paparazzi build server
Subject: [paparazzi-builds] [Paparazzi Bamboo] Paparazzi > Paparazzi-tools Mac binary > #7 was SUCCESSFUL. Change made by Felix Ruess <address@hidden>.
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011 12:19:46 +1100 (EST)

Paparazzi > Paparazzi-tools Mac binary > #7 was successful (rerun once).
This build was manually triggered from the stage: Build by Bernard Davison.
No tests executed.

Code Changes See full change details
Felix Ruess <address@hidden>
renamed temporary local var nav_init to ecef_nav0, nav_init shadowed global declaration

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