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[Otpasswd-announce] OTPasswd 0.8 released

From: Tomasz bla Fortuna
Subject: [Otpasswd-announce] OTPasswd 0.8 released
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2013 00:10:51 +0100

  nice to say that I've picked up maintaining again. What we've got in 0.8:
* Tests using valgrind done
* Manuals and documentation reviewed and updated.
* Debian package done, waiting for a sponsor.
* One functionality fix (don't deny in not-mandatory mode when user doesn't 
have a HOME directory)
* Ordering in source code, updated tools for packaging.
* Homepage updated.

* Made otpasswd more out-of-the-box by setting DB=user to be a default.

I don't plan a feature-raid. Rather stabilization/tests, bugfixing and
trying to get it into distributions. If there's some innertia left,
further code cleanup + LDAP are the next big milestones.

Version numbering will be simpler. No _rcX versions. 0.8 is still testing 
but seems to be working nice on my Debian servers.  Next version will
be 0.9 OR directly 1.0 if it earns it.

Tomasz bla Fortuna
jid: bla(at)thera.be
pgp: 0x90746E79 @ pgp.mit.edu
www: http://bla.thera.be

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