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[Otpasswd-announce] OTPasswd has it's homepage.

From: Tomasz bla Fortuna
Subject: [Otpasswd-announce] OTPasswd has it's homepage.
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 00:34:30 +0200

  http://otpasswd.thera.be let it speak for itself. Main reason behind
the webpage was to increase project credibility. More people will try
it if they can see some information before downloading a tarball.

It mostly consists of some parts od README/INSTALL which were a bit

BTW. I've released set of fixes to 0.7b named 0.7rc1 and I
already have some minor changes in repos for 0.7rc2. Not worth
publication yet.

Tomasz bla Fortuna
jid: bla(at)af.gliwice.pl
pgp: 0x90746E79 @ pgp.mit.edu
www: http://bla.thera.be

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