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[Otpasswd-announce] 0.4v released

From: Tomasz bla Fortuna
Subject: [Otpasswd-announce] 0.4v released
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 00:48:42 +0100

Commit 2896481f8425f8a7cb33d2f0d2e2b67f490e9ac7
Tagged as 0.4. Should be visible in Savannah download area soon.

Most interesting is the first take on OOB authentication and PAM session
module function which can display warnings when user enters last
passcard or even leaves it. It's hardly documented still. Also project
is divided into three parts - lib, pam module and utility.

Things marked as done during development of this version:
        * [!] Fixed some memory leaks.
        * [!] Ensure state loaded correctly when label/caption full
        * [+] Improve testcases so when they fail it's clearly visible.
        * [+] Fixed licensing so the project can be hosted on Savannah
        * [+] Can pam module use openlog()?
          Seems ok. pam_unix defines
          pam_syslog as openlog, vsyslog, closelog.
        * [+] Warnings when on last passcard
        * [+] Add information to state files about last usage of second
              channel. Important to limit number of e.g. sent sms.
              Second-channel itself still not implemented
        * [+] Calling external script for mailing/sms
        * [+] Key generation might be to slow on systems without
          mouse... Maybe use openssl prng and initialize it from
          urandom? Also is there any reason to use SHA256 on RANDOM
          data? Maybe few bytes from rng + some from prng and SHA out
          of it?
        * [+] Place common functions inside a shared library  

I did some tests wit different options turned on with this tarball.
Previous .ebuild will work with it (just rename file).

SHA256 for otpasswd-0.4.tar.gz:

0.5v development already started.

Tomasz bla Fortuna
jid: bla(at)af.gliwice.pl
pgp: 0x90746E79 @ pgp.mit.edu
www: http://bla.thera.be

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