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Re: [osip-dev] eXosip and reINVITE

From: Tsvetan Filev
Subject: Re: [osip-dev] eXosip and reINVITE
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2018 14:15:39 +0300
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PS: I used eXosip_masquerade_contact and that fixed Contact but what about Via ?
osip_message_fix_last_via_header only modifies rport and received of Via but not IP:PORT after SIP/2.0/UDP

On 9/26/18 4:56 PM, Tsvetan Filev wrote:

Hi Aymeric.

When I get INVITE from call leg 1 I need to modify Via and Contact headers (my external IP address is different then the one on the listening node) of the INVITE for call leg 2.
So I'm using eXosip_call_build_initial_invite to build invite message and then I used osip_message_set_contact to change the IP address but it didn't modify the message.
I tried with osip_message_fix_last_via_header but it didn't modify as well.
I used osip_message_set_via but it added a new Via header which is not what I want.

Any idea ?


On 9/7/18 4:04 PM, Aymeric Moizard wrote:

Le ven. 7 sept. 2018 à 13:05, Tsvetan Filev <address@hidden> a écrit :

Yes I have working answer now.


There is something I noticed in the wireshark trace:
The UDP packet that holds the OK response has wrong (unverified) checksum.
Is there osip/eXosip function that can disable it ?

You don't have to mind about it. This is only related to wireshark usage.

On 5.09.2018 12:19, Aymeric Moizard wrote:

You are using the wrong API to answer the option.

The API you use is for request within a call.

You need to use API for request "outside calls": eXosip_message_send_answer

See here: 

Le mer. 5 sept. 2018 à 10:58, Tsvetan Filev <address@hidden> a écrit :


I'm getting EXOSIP_MESSAGE_NEW event for OPTIONS.
But when I try to do this:

            if(!strcmp(p_evt.request->sip_method, "OPTIONS"))
                printf("Got OPTIONS send OK to tid %d\n", p_evt.tid);
                int l_ret = 0;
                if(l_ret = eXosip_call_send_answer (m_ctx, p_evt.tid, SIP_OK, NULL))
                      printf("SIP Send response %d error %d (tid %d)\n", p_sip_event, l_ret, p_evt.tid);

I get SIP Send response 200 error -6 (tid 2).


What could be wrong ?


On 4.09.2018 17:40, Aymeric Moizard wrote:

Of course! Any outgoing and any incoming request are doable.

eXosip2 won't be able to handle properly new dialog established
by other request than INVITE/SUBSCRIBE/REFER. 
I've never seen such request anyway!


Le mar. 4 sept. 2018 à 15:02, Tsvetan Filev <address@hidden> a écrit :

Hi Aymeric.

Can eXosip handle (receive) OPTIONS requests ?


On 6.08.2018 16:05, Aymeric Moizard wrote:

Le lun. 6 août 2018 à 13:08, Tsvetan Filev <address@hidden> a écrit :

Hi Aymeric.


How can I detect what exosip event message belongs to what call leg ?
I can't use cid as it is different for INVITE and RINGING for example.

You must use cid which remains the same for the compete call-leg.

If this is not the case, there is a bug. I doubt any such issue exists in exosip2...



On 3.08.2018 18:16, Aymeric Moizard wrote:

2018-08-03 16:25 GMT+02:00 Tsvetan Filev <address@hidden>:


the problem was wrong tid. I have to update my call states after reinvite.

That's it! ;)

Thanks for helping me out.

You are welcome!

I now have direct RTP media.



On 3.08.2018 15:57, Tsvetan Filev wrote:

Yes here is the code:

        l_ret = eXosip_call_send_answer(m_ctx, p_tid, p_sip_event, p_answer);

I have tid 1:  Error Send OK result -3 tid 1
I guess this is wrong ?

On 3.08.2018 15:37, Aymeric Moizard wrote:

Le ven. 3 août 2018 à 14:19, Tsvetan Filev <address@hidden> a écrit :


I checked out the latest exosip (last commit  6da834d2980d97e4ad7a59f6734884f6962b8267 from Mon Jul 2 11:37:23 2018 +0200) and osip2 (last commit 7a3f2cbabed8147017ac04846a117ae1e8f59386 from Wed Jun 20 17:35:37 2018 +0200) repos, I recompiled and reINVITE sends Trying automatically again.

Sorry about the debug. Here it is:

03/08/18-15:07:41:447656 |Received SIP message: 2, 'New call received!', cid=1
03/08/18-15:07:41:447686 |type 2 cid 1 did 2 tid 1 sid 0
03/08/18-15:07:41:469728 |Received SIP message: 5, 'Call is being processed!', cid=3
03/08/18-15:07:41:469755 |type 5 cid 3 did 0 tid 2 sid 0
03/08/18-15:07:41:538803 |Received SIP message: 6, 'Remote phone is ringing!', cid=3
03/08/18-15:07:41:538827 |type 6 cid 3 did 4 tid 2 sid 0
03/08/18-15:07:42:707314 |Received SIP message: 7, 'Remote phone has answered!', cid=3
03/08/18-15:07:42:707338 |type 7 cid 3 did 4 tid 2 sid 0
03/08/18-15:07:42:707892 |Received SIP message: 12, 'ACK received!', cid=1
03/08/18-15:07:42:707899 |type 12 cid 1 did 2 tid 1 sid 0
03/08/18-15:07:42:708515 |Received SIP message: 3, 'INVITE within call received!', cid=1
03/08/18-15:07:42:708522 |type 3 cid 1 did 2 tid 3 sid 0
03/08/18-15:07:42:708625 |eXosip invite returned cid = 0
03/08/18-15:07:42:711846 |Received SIP message: 5, 'Call is being processed!', cid=3
03/08/18-15:07:42:711855 |type 5 cid 3 did 4 tid 4 sid 0
03/08/18-15:07:42:711923 |Received SIP message: 7, 'Remote phone has answered!', cid=3
03/08/18-15:07:42:711927 |type 7 cid 3 did 4 tid 4 sid 0
03/08/18-15:07:42:712015 |Error Send OK -6

Please indicate the tid you use to send the answer! If I'm correct, it should be tid=3 and if I'm correct, the tid only is required for the API to send answer? Right?


On 3.08.2018 13:35, Aymeric Moizard wrote:

Using the latest git is advised!

More inline:

Le ven. 3 août 2018 à 10:31, Tsvetan Filev <address@hidden> a écrit :


I'm using 4.1.0 for both exosip and osip. At least this is what the latest documentation points to : http://www.antisip.com/doc/exosip2/
Anyway I updated to 5.0.0 and tested again without sending Trying manually.

Here is the log from eXosip node:

Initial INVITE
03/08/18-11:01:12:920830 |Received SIP message: 2, 'New call received!', cid=1
03/08/18-11:01:12:921048 |SIP message 2 received for  cid=1, did=0, tid=0

I'm surprised to see did=0 and tid=0. Those value should be already set in the exosip_event (as shown right below)

03/08/18-11:01:12:921067 |sip_call_ivite_rcv for  cid=1, did=2, tid=1

Send INVITE to call leg 2
03/08/18-11:01:13:016953 |eXosip invite returned cid = 3

03/08/18-11:01:13:024636 |Received SIP message: 5, 'Call is being processed!', cid=3
03/08/18-11:01:13:024921 |SIP message 5 received for  cid=3, did=0, tid=0

Again, did=0 and tid=0 and the value should be set in exosip_event.

Send trying to call leg 1

03/08/18-11:01:13:108228 |Received SIP message: 6, 'Remote phone is ringing!', cid=3
03/08/18-11:01:13:108366 |SIP message 6 received for  cid=3, did=0, tid=0

Same comment as above.

Send ringing to call leg 1
03/08/18-11:01:13:108411 |Send ringing response result 0

03/08/18-11:01:14:099017 |Received SIP message: 7, 'Remote phone has answered!', cid=3
03/08/18-11:01:14:099187 |SIP message 7 received for  cid=3, did=0, tid=0

Same comment as above.

Send OK to call leg 1
03/08/18-11:01:14:099219 |Send OK response result 0
03/08/18-11:01:14:100065 |Received SIP message: 12, 'ACK received!', cid=1

reINVTIE from call leg 1
03/08/18-11:01:14:101841 |Received SIP message: 3, 'INVITE within call received!', cid=1
03/08/18-11:01:14:101956 |SIP message 3 received for  cid=1, did=0, tid=0

Same again.

Send reINVTIE to call leg 2
03/08/18-11:01:14:102023 |eXosip invite returned cid = 0

Cid=0 can't be true for a new transaction?

Got Trying and OK from call leg 2
03/08/18-11:01:14:103046 |Received SIP message: 5, 'Call is being processed!', cid=3
03/08/18-11:01:14:103127 |SIP message 5 received for  cid=3, did=0, tid=0


03/08/18-11:01:14:103397 |Received SIP message: 7, 'Remote phone has answered!', cid=3
03/08/18-11:01:14:103580 |SIP message 7 received for  cid=3, did=0, tid=0

... tid

Send OK to call leg 1
03/08/18-11:01:14:103651 |Error Send OK -6

Only tid=0 exist in your log, but you should be able to display 4 tid (4 transactions)

Your logs could be improved to display the tid. If they are not set, there must be a bigger issue.

It is possible that you reuse too much the tags, call-id, via branch: and breaks the sip protocol. This may introduce unexpected matching for some messages that are considered part of wrong transactions.

I can't read the Wireshark capture: I'm on mobile.... ;)


Attached is wireshark trace from the communication. Have a look at packet 381: eXosip is sending Trying again.
These are the nodes: - alice - asterisk 1 - eXosip - asterisk 2 - bob


On 2.08.2018 18:32, Aymeric Moizard wrote:
Hi again!

100 is reserved to proxy. But exosip is a User-Agent, so you can send
answers from 101 to 699. This explains why you have  OSIP_BADPARAMETER
when trying to send "100 Trying".

Old version of eXosip2 was sending 101 automatically, but newer version
are not sending it anymore to simplify interoperability.

More below!

2018-08-02 16:35 GMT+02:00 Tsvetan Filev <address@hidden>:

One thing I notice is that eXosip sends Trying automatically after reINVITE and when I try to send TRYING I get -2 OSIP_BADPARAMETER
If I try to send OK after reINVITE without sending manually TRYING I get -6 OSIP_NOTFOUND

Do you mean it works when you try to send a 100 Trying before the 200 Ok? (note that you said it's failing to send send
100 Trying, and I confirmed it won't work)

Have you checked if the TID parameter you provide is correct?

In practice, this code seems to fail in eXcall_api.c:

  if (tid > 0) {
    _eXosip_call_transaction_find (excontext, tid, &jc, &jd, &tr);
  if (jd == NULL || tr == NULL || tr->orig_request == NULL || tr->orig_request->sip_method == NULL) {
    OSIP_TRACE (osip_trace (__FILE__, __LINE__, OSIP_ERROR, NULL, "eXosip: No call here or no transaction for call\n"));
    osip_message_free (answer);
    return OSIP_NOTFOUND;

You should compile exosip in debug, with logs, and see the exact reason : wrong tid? jd=NULL? tr=NULL?

If you use an old version of exosip, I would advise to upgrade to a recent. Latest/current git for both osip & exosip
is advised.


On 2.08.2018 16:50, Aymeric Moizard wrote:
I guess you need to track down the status of your incoming sip transaction and the value of the tid/cid/did you use to send the 200ok.

Mostly, the parameter of this method and the parameters you use inside this method:

send_answer(p_call_info_ua1.call_event_info.tid, SIP_OK, p_call_info_ua1.call_event_info.engine_session_id, l_answer


Le jeu. 2 août 2018 à 15:17, Tsvetan Filev <address@hidden> a écrit :

Hi Aymeric.



This is how my SIP messages handler looks like:

CN_UBYTE handle_sip_event(const S_event_info& p_msg, S_call_info& p_ci) const
    p_ci.call_event_info = p_msg;

    switch (p_msg.type)
            if(p_sm.m_ua1_p_ci and p_sm.m_ua2_p_ci)
                // Send reINVITE to call leg 2
                send_reinvite(m_ua1_p_ci, m_ua2_p_ci);

                // Send 180 Ringing to call leg 1
                send_response(m_ua1_p_ci->call_event_info.tid, SIP_RINGING);

            // Send 200 OK to call leg 1
             if(m_ua1_p_ci and m_ua2_p_ci)
                 get_sip_layer().send_ok(m_ua1_p_ci, m_ua2_p_ci);



    return 0;

This is my send _ok code:

int C_sip_layer::send_ok(sip::S_call_info& p_call_info_ua1, sip::S_call_info& p_call_info_ua2) const
    if(m_ctx == NULL)
        return -1;

    osip_message_t *l_answer;

    int l_i = eXosip_call_build_answer(m_ctx, p_call_info_ua1.call_event_info.tid, SIP_OK, &l_answer);

    if (l_i == 0)
        sdp_message_t *l_remote_sdp = eXosip_get_remote_sdp_from_tid(m_ctx, p_call_info_ua2.call_event_info.tid);

            char* buf = nullptr;
            if(sdp_message_to_str (l_remote_sdp, &buf) == OSIP_SUCCESS and buf != nullptr) {
                osip_message_set_body(l_answer, buf, strlen(buf));
                osip_message_set_content_type (l_answer, sdp_content_type_str);
        if(l_i = send_answer(p_call_info_ua1.call_event_info.tid, SIP_OK, p_call_info_ua1.call_event_info.engine_session_id, l_answer))
            printf("Error Send OK %d\n", l_i);
    } else {
        printf("Error Build OK\n");

    return l_i;

On 2.08.2018 16:04, Aymeric Moizard wrote:

In the call flow you sent, the SDP from 200 Ok for re-INVITE is sent to asterisk1
before you receive the SDP from 200 Ok from asterisk2. I'm not listing the other
possible issue of a B2BUA, you may know them... ;)

You said you have an error, but, but you didn't told which error
and what you tried? Let me know more if you want help.


2018-08-02 14:50 GMT+02:00 Tsvetan Filev <address@hidden>:

I'm trying to achieve the following SIP communication:


This is basically initial INVITE followed by reINVITE that tells the phones to use direct RTP traffic instead of RTP going through asterisk.
eXosip node is a transparent B2BUA written using the eXosip/osip2 library.
I set directmedia=outgoing to both asterisks which tells them to send reINVITE only to outgoing leg (the default asterisk behavior is to send to both legs https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/SIP+Direct+Media+Reinvite+Glare+Avoidance).

So I have two call legs in my eXosip node : call leg 1 (asterisk 1) and call leg 2 (asterisk 2).

I was able to send successfully reINVITE from eXosip to asterisk 2 and Trying from eXosip to asterisk 1.
When I get OK from asterisk 2 and try to send OK to asterisk 1 by copying the sdp from asterisk 2 I get an error.

Is it possible to achieve this with eXosip and how ?


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