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[osip-dev] Generic question about osip INVITE transaction

From: Austin Einter
Subject: [osip-dev] Generic question about osip INVITE transaction
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 18:52:34 +0530

Hi All
I have been trying to do experiment with OSIP for multiple cases.
So far I am comfortable and able to send / receive couple of messages.

Now I am stuck with below scenario.

1. Party A sent INVITE to Party B.
2. On getting INVITE at Party B, it sends 183 and create a dailog as uas.
3. Party A on getting 183, creates dailog as uac and sent PRACK
4.Party B gets PRACK and sends PRACK response 200 K.
5. Party A gets PRACK response and sends UPDATE to B.
6. B gets UPDATE, and then sends 200 OK for UPDATE.
7. Now B tries to send 180, but finds original INVITE transaction state is TERMINATED.

Can somebody kindly suggest whey the transaction state is TERMINATED and how this situation can be handled.

From timestamp perspective, wireshark shows
1. The first INVITE from A was at 18:48:57:395831
2. When B tried to send 180, that time timestamp was 18:49:02:608119

So the time difference is around 5 sec.

Can this cause transaction to terminate.

Best Regards

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