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[Neurostat-develop] Calculation note and CVS

From: Fabrice Rossi
Subject: [Neurostat-develop] Calculation note and CVS
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 12:14:38 +0200


I've started to populate the CVS of our project. I've used the following

  - doc
    - spec

Names are quite straightforward, I guess. 

I plan to add a java subdirectory to neurostat and to use ant for building
this part.

I've added to spec mlp.tex which is the short note containing propagation and
back-propagation formulae. I've will add second order derivatives when needed.
Of course, you can update the file if you find errors. For those unfamiliar
with CVS, please avoid using $$ for equations (use \(\)), because CVS uses $$
for its keywords. By the way, this is plain latex2e with package xspace. 

I would like to submit a description for our project. I propose the following
short description:

"Neurostat aims at implementing yet another Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP)
library, both in C and Java. The C library will be interfaced with R. The
focus is mainly on efficiency (using ATLAS for C and COLT for Java). We will
handle MLP with sparse connections and with connections that skip layers."

I also plan to start a basic web page. I propose to use very basic HTML with a
simple CSS (such as my own web page 

Comments are welcome.


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