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[netPanzer-Devel] Re: Action required for {Please confirm your message}

From: lclevenger
Subject: [netPanzer-Devel] Re: Action required for {Please confirm your message}
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 18:32:32 -0500

I use Spam Police to screen all my e-mail. The message you sent to me has been queued for delivery, but has not been delivered because Spam Police did not recognize your From address.

If you would perform the following simple action, your message will be delivered to my InBox and your From address will be added to Spam Police so that any further e-mails from you will go straight to my InBox for my prompt attention.

Click on the link below. At that site, you will be asked to type a few letters. The e-mail you sent earlier will then be automatically delivered to my InBox. You won't need to send your message again. If you have an issue with this please call (417)883-1204 and ask for a help tech.

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