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Re: [Myexperiment-topsecret] list of tasks

From: Matt Lee
Subject: Re: [Myexperiment-topsecret] list of tasks
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 09:57:22 +0100
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Carole Goble wrote:
> Last night I asked for a list of tasks in ranked order for delivering a
> demo on 21st.
> I wanted it before I left.
> This was in response to (a) a tight deadline and (b) a day spent on
> completely non-essential work that no user had requested nor would ever
> request
> I have yet to see this list.

The list is here:-

Southampton need to add to it.

To clarify, a day wasn't spent on non-essential work, but I did begin to
explore the possibilities of having translations and
internationalisation for myExperiment. Most of my time was spent looking
into other bugs. Given that we already have, I didn't
think it was unreasonable that we might need to translate the
application fairly soon after we release it to people, and wanted to
gauge our resources for such a task.


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