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[Myexperiment-topsecret] prep before call Thursday 10:30

From: David De Roure
Subject: [Myexperiment-topsecret] prep before call Thursday 10:30
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 01:21:54 +0100

In the call on Thursday we will be reviewing the status of code
development, content development and user engagement planning for 21st
and end of month - this needs a supporting "dashboard" on the Wiki
please, which should include prep of videos etc.

Also we'll check through the actions from last week, so here's the list:

 Matt and David to meet with Katy re ISMB

 Need someone to write tour - suggest Duncan. Use tour page on Wiki

 Talk to Duncan about best places with existing social networks of our

 Invite Duncan and Paul to meeting on 27th, and Helen?

 Inform myexperiment-discuss and Portal party attendees

 Confirm availability of Manchester and Southampton machines

 myExperiment t shirts?

 Carole to send Ian Buchan's proposal about research objects as private

 Put Katy on myExperiment list

I'll report on outstanding items we didn't cover.

Sorry I won't be on the chat Wednesday at 5pm.

Thursday's call details are below.


-- Dave

Dial-in number:                         08702407943 
Freefone dial-in number:        08081005145 
Participant Passcode:           35008612 then # 

Dave, to start the call use the Chairperson Passcode: 41545734 then #

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