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[Monotone-announce] monotone 1.1 released

From: Markus Wanner
Subject: [Monotone-announce] monotone 1.1 released
Date: Sun, 04 May 2014 12:50:36 +0200
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the monotone team just released version 1.1 of its versions control
system. This is mainly a maintenance release, focusing on stability and
compatibility. It also fixes various bugs that have accumulated over the

The sources are available from the usual location [0], static builds,
packages and installers should be available, shortly.

Here's the relevant portion from the NEWS file:


- '_MTN/wanted-testresults' must now have 1 hex-encoded
  signing key hash in lowercase per line.

New features

- 'automate atttributes' now also works without a workspace
  and returns the attributes for a specific file from the
  revision's manifest

- New 'erase_descendants' automate command which returns all
  input revisions, except those that are a descendant of
  another revision in the input.

- New 'min(A)' selector is now available which returns all
  revisions selected by A which are not descendants of other
  revisions selected by A.

- New 'not(A)' selector is now available which returns all
  revisions not selected by 'A'.

- All certs for a revision are now output by 'mtn log' with
  'suspend', 'testresult', and custom certs placed under a
  a new 'Other certs' heading.

- New conflict 'dropped/modified' allows explicitly resolving
  the case of a file that is dropped on one side of a merge,
  and modified on the other. Previously, the modifications
  were always lost; now you have the option of re-adding the
  file with the modifications during merge conflict

- New attribute 'mtn:resolve_conflict' allows specifying a
  persistent 'drop' conflict resolution for a dropped/modified
  conflict. This is useful in the case where the conflict will
  occur again in the future, for example when a file that is
  maintained in an upstream branch is not needed, and
  therefore dropped, in a local branch.

Bugs fixed

- Monotone now compiles against Botan 1.10.x (as well as most of
  the testing releases in 1.9.y).

- Struct file_handle got renamed to avoid clash with newer glibc's

- Monotone now compiles just fine with gcc's option

- Fixed renaming across devices, for example if parts of the
  workspace are on NFS.

- Fixed recursive file removal on Solaris.

- Fixed a failure to revert some files when inodeprints is

- Fix an early abort in netsync on Windows, which caused
  problems transferring large files.

- Work around a 64-bit issue with mktime on Mac OS X for dates
  in 1901 and before.

- Allow an ssh_agent socket path including dashes.

- Monotone now works with Lua 5.2, even if it doesn't have
  backwards-compatibility compiled in.

- Various fixes for compatibility with newer boost versions.

- mtn add and mtn list are now more consistent in their use of
  --recursive and --unknown options.

- Produce a meaningful error message when trying to disapprove a

- Allow monotone to compile on platforms where MAXPATHLEN isn't
  defined (i.e. GNU/Hurd).

- Allow monotone to compile on C++11-enabled g++ and clang++.

- Allow the test suite to run on systems behind a broken DNS
  resolver and in cases where names cannot be resolved at all.

- Allow the test suite to run from directories containing
  spaces and lots of other minor tweaks to the test suite
  making its results more reliable.


- The performance and memory usage of regular expressions has
  been improved throughout. This affects any use of the
  ".mtn-ignore" file such as "mtn ls unknown" and "mtn add",
  and any calls to "" in Lua hooks.


- 'mtn diff' now outputs old and new revision IDs in the diff
  header when both are specified.

- Additional Vim syntax files and an output colorization script
  in contrib.

On behalf of the monotone team,
Markus Wanner


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