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[Monotone-announce] [ANNOUNCE] monotone 0.28 released

From: Nathaniel Smith
Subject: [Monotone-announce] [ANNOUNCE] monotone 0.28 released
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 02:03:38 -0700
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The monotone team is pleased to announce the release of monotone 0.28,
available as always at:
Binaries will be posted there as they are sent to me.

Release notes for this release:

Sat Jul 22 01:39:51 PDT 2006

        0.28 release. Cherrypicking, a new testsuite, and some fixes
        and enhancements.

        New features:

        - Cherrypicking with the new "pluck" command. This takes (a restricted
          subset of) the changes in a revision, or between two
          revisions, and applies them to your workspace.  That this
          has happened is not recorded in history; it as if you
          happened to make some very similar changes by hand in your
        - New automate commands, "automate tags" and "automate branches".
        - "diff" now knows how to find enclosing function (or
          whatever) bodies, just like GNU diff's "-p" option.
          -- The regex that defines "enclosing function" can be chosen
             on a per-file basis by a hook function; the default hook
             knows about LaTeX, Texinfo, and most programming
          -- This is enabled by default; use --no-show-encloser to


        - When netsync fails due to permission errors, the server returns a
          semi-intelligible message before dropping the connection.
        - When merging a branch with 3 or more heads, the order in which to
          merge the heads will now automatically be chosen to minimize
          the amount of repeated work that must be done.
        - Crash dumps are now written to $CONFDIR/dump when no workspace is
        - Path validation routines are faster.
        - Inodeprints should be slightly more robust now.
        - New hook get_mtn_command, used to determine the path to the
          mtn binary on a remote host, when using ssh support.
        - "diff" now accepts "-u" and "-c" as short for "--unified"
          (the default) and "--context", respectively.

        Bug fixes:

        - "revert --missing" now works when run in a subdirectory.
        - "revert --missing" now works without any additional files
          being specified.  (You don't have to say "mtn revert
          --missing .".)
        - Fix an edge case where monotone would crash if there was a
          content conflict in a merge for which there was no lca.
        - Fix a case where netsync would sometimes hang during refinement.
        - "mtn help" and "mtn --help" now exit with return code 0.

        Build environment:

        - automake 1.9 is now required.
        - The testsuite has been rewritten, and should be much faster now. It
          also no longer relies on the presence of a *nix userland.
        - Add workaround for gcc 4.1.[01] bug causing "multiple
          definition" errors.


        - Restrictions have been split into path_restrictions and
          node_restrictions, and generally cleaned up more.

Share and enjoy,
-- Nathaniel

So let us espouse a less contested notion of truth and falsehood, even
if it is philosophically debatable (if we listen to philosophers, we
must debate everything, and there would be no end to the discussion).
  -- Serendipities, Umberto Eco

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