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[Monotone-announce] [ANNOUNCE] monotone 0.27 released

From: Nathaniel Smith
Subject: [Monotone-announce] [ANNOUNCE] monotone 0.27 released
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 16:08:35 -0700
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I'm pleased to announce the release of monotone 0.27.  This release
was delayed by ~a month by my end of term; apologies to everyone who's
been waiting.  The delay was not because of any problems; in fact, no
major problems have yet been found with the new code released in 0.26.

As always, the new release is available at
and packages will be posted as I receive them.

Release notes:

Sat Jun 17 14:43:12 PDT 2006

        0.27 release.  Minor bug fixes and enhancements, plus ssh

        Major new features:

        - Monotone can now push/pull/synchronize over arbitrary
          bidirectional streams, not just raw TCP.
          - File-to-file synchronization is enabled out of the box,
              $ mtn -d sync file:/path/to/
          - SSH synchronization is enabled out of the box, e.g.:
              $ mtn -d sync ssh://address@hidden/home/njs/
            Note that this requires mtn be installed on the remote
            computer, and locks the remote database while running; it
            is not ideal for groups accessing a shared database.
          - New protocols can be defined with Lua hooks -- for
            example, someone could in principle make "$ mtn sync
            xmpp://address@hidden" do something interesting.
          - See section "Other Transports" under "Advanced Uses" in the
            for more details.

        Minor new features:
        - Selectors now support escaping, e.g., b:foo\/bar can be used
          to refer to a branch with name "foo/bar" (normally / is a
          metacharacter that separates multiple selectors).
        - Visual C++ can now build monotone on Windows.  (Mostly
          important because it allows better Windows debugging.)
        - --quiet now turns tickers off, and does not turn warnings
          off.  New option --reallyquiet disables warnings as well.
        - New command 'automate common_ancestors'.
        - 'ls branches' now takes a pattern, e.g.:
            $ mtn ls branches "*contrib*"

        Speed improvements:

        - Bug in select() loop fixed, server should no longer pause in
          processing other clients while busy with one, but multiplex
        - The database has a new write buffer which gives significant 
          speed improvements in initial pulls by cancelling redundant 
          database writes.
        - There's been a fair bit of performance tuning all around.

        Bug fixes:

        - Merge tools that exit in failure are now detected.
        - Better reporting of operating system errors on Win32.
        - Passphrases stored in ~/.monotonerc are no longer written to
          the log file.  (Passphrases entered at the terminal were
          never written to the log file.)
        - Fix sql injection bugs in selectors, making it safe to
          expose slectors in web interfaces etc.
        - Files marked with the mtn:execute attr now respect umask.
        - 'automate' commands on Win32 now disable newline translation
          on their output; this is especially important for 'automate
        - 'db check' now calls the sqlite "PRAGMA integrity_check", to
          validate the integrity of things like sqlite indices.
        - 'mtn annotate nonexistent-file' now gives a proper error
          message, instead of an assertion error.
        - 'mtn revert --missing' now works correctly when run in a
        - 'automate inventory' no longer fails when _MTN/work contains
          patch stanzas.


        - Many, many internal code cleanups
          - Including changes to somewhat reduce the size of the
        - New tutorial on using packets added to the manual
        - Updated translations, improved error messages, etc.

        Reliability considerations:

        - In the two months since 0.26 was released, zero serious bugs
          have been reported in the new code.

Share and enjoy,
-- Nathaniel

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