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[Monotone-announce] [ANNOUNCE] monotone 0.26pre3 released

From: Nathaniel Smith
Subject: [Monotone-announce] [ANNOUNCE] monotone 0.26pre3 released
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 16:38:45 -0800
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The monotone team is happy to announce the release of monotone
0.26pre3, available at the usual places:

This should be the last pre-release before 0.26, and is considered to
be feature complete.  All that remains for 0.26 is writing some tests
and investigating some bug reports.

_Please_ test this release, and sooner is better than later.  There
are some very important changes compared to 0.26pre2, and it's
possible 0.26 will match this release almost exactly.

NEWS entry for this release:

Wed Mar 29 05:20:10 PST 2006

        0.26pre3 release.  This release may be considered a "release
        candidate", in that while we need to write some tests and make
        sure some bugs are fixed, all features are in and we hope that
        no further bug fixes will be needed either.  It is still a
        pre-release for testing.  Do not package it.  DO NOT USE THIS

        But, PLEASE PLEASE TEST this release.  There are some
        non-trivial changes since 0.26pre2, and this is your last

        Major changes since 0.26pre2:
        - The name of the monotone binary has changed to 'mtn'.
          - Similarly, the name of the bookkeeping directory in
            workspaces has changed from 'MT' to '_MTN' (if you have an
            existing 0.26-line workspace, just rename the MT directory
            to _MTN).
          - Similarly, the name of the ignore file has changed from
            ".mt-ignore" to ".mtn-ignore".  'rosterify' will rename
            these automatically (if you have already rosterified, you
            get to rename them by hand).
          - Similarly, the recommended suffix for monotone db files is
            now ".mtn".

        - We now perform stricter checking to make sure that filenames
          are valid UTF-8.  It is in principle possible that this
          stricter checking will cause histories that used to work to
          break; if you have non-ascii filenames, it is strongly
          recommended to test with this release.

        - Root dir renaming is now supported.  See new commands
          'pivot_root', 'merge_into_dir'.
          - As a side-effect, it is not possible to run 'rosterify' on
            histories in which two independent lines of history were

        - The security fix released in 0.25.2 has been forward-ported
          to this release; this prevents some security exposure to
          people running monotone as a client on case-insensitive file

        Minor change since 0.26pre2:

        - Database now uses sqlite blobs for storage; should be ~1/4
        - New command: show_conflicts, does a dry-run merge.
        - New option 'drop --recursive', to remove a directory and all
          its contents in one swoop.
        - Changes to 'log':
          - New option --no-files
          - Including merges is again the default (i.e., it now acts
            like 0.25, and not like 0.26pre2).
          - When 'log -r' is given an ambiguous selector, it now just
            logs all matching revisions, instead of requiring the
            selector be disambiguated.
        - New option --log, to log monotone output to a file.
        - Netsync changes:
          - Was sending far too much data in some cases; now does not.
          - Several bugs that caused it to lock up fixed
          - Tweak to allow 'usher' proxy to transparently redirect
            based on client's protocol version, to ease migration
            between incompatible protocol versions.
        - Packet commands have been moved to 'automate'.
        - Fixed bugs in 'db kill_rev_locally', should no longer leave
          an inconsistent db behind.
        - Translation updates

        Other projects receiving notable work:

        - Monotone's "dumb server" support (repo distribution over
          HTTP/FTP/SFTP etc.) has been ported to 0.26, a first command
          line version written, etc.
        - The 'usher' netsync proxy used for hosting many databases on 
          a single machine has received significant cleanups, and the
          'webhost' project to provide a simple interface to shared
          monotone hosting providers has received even more work.

Share and enjoy,
-- Nathaniel

Details are all that matters; God dwells there, and you never get to
see Him if you don't struggle to get them right. -- Stephen Jay Gould

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