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RE: HTTPS connection to mmonit

From: Jamie Burchell
Subject: RE: HTTPS connection to mmonit
Date: Wed, 1 May 2019 13:50:06 +0100

If you already have SSH access to the server, you could also access the
web interface over SSH by using port forwarding.

This is great because the connection is encrypted (there's no need to mess
around with HTTPS or certificates), there's no need to open any additional
firewall ports and the web UI remains locked down from the public.


ssh -L 2812: your-server-ip

Then the web UI is available at in your browser.

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Subject: Re: HTTPS connection to mmonit

> On 1 May 2019, at 01:14, Jan-Henrik Haukeland <address@hidden>
> You must then access mmonit using https://<your-ip-address>/

PS. Which of course kind of defy using SSL (where a certificate is for a
domain/host name in DNS), but if you are using a self-signed certificate
that might not be super important and you can as well use the IP-address
directly. BTW, I forgot, as you configured M/Monit the URL needs to
include the port number also,  so the URL will be, apparently your host running M/Monit has
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