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Possible to create run once "check program" entries?

From: Marc Rossi
Subject: Possible to create run once "check program" entries?
Date: Mon, 29 Feb 2016 10:12:27 -0600

I want to create a "check program" entry that will only run once when started (kind of a hybrid manual mode - in this case I am calling it "batch").

For example, would like to have something like below:

    check program "do_something_important" with path "/usr/local/bin/"
        if status != 0 then alert
        mode batch

Where clicking "start" or running "monit start do_something_important" would run the job a single time before going back to manual/unmonitored state.

Is there a way to do this currently?

The use case is I have jobs currently scheduled in cron that I would like to occasionally run when not scheduled to run (by using "monit start" or the web ui) and take advantage of the alerting functionality provided by  monit/m-monit.


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