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Monit and M/Monit questions

From: Vladimir Scherbinin
Subject: Monit and M/Monit questions
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 17:00:25 +0200


  I'm using Monit 5.14 on Ubuntu 14.04 boxes in Openstack Cloud environment.
  All boxes have private IP addresses associated with real (so called floating) IP addresses. This cannot be changed.
  Monit reports to M/Monit and it works like a charm except two things:
  - Monit reports private IP address which is logical as it doesn't know anything about external. Is it possible somehow to report desired IP address (even if it is not configured on the bo) to M/Monit? Right now it is being set manually for every host in M/Monit (Admin -> Edit host -> Overrride Network Settings) which is not really handy. Otherwise services cannot be restarted as M/Monit cannot connect to the private IP back.
  - As those boxes are automatically provisioned it is normal when they got 'phoenixed' (bootstrapped from scratch) from time to time. M/Monit starts seeing the same hostnames as different ones (Monit ID changes) Is it possible to avoid this behaviour? Set Monit ID manually? Other options?

  Thanks in advance!

Vladimir Scherbinin.

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