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Monit state is not fully saved

From: karen.arutyunov
Subject: Monit state is not fully saved
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2016 14:48:59 +0300


I have just started to evaluate Monit 5.16 and have noticed the following 

1. File timestamps are not saved to .monit.state file, so CHECK FILE statement 
misses the file timestamp change if it happen between Monit executions in 
daemon mode. This somewhat inconsistent with the fact that the file read 
position IS saved, so Monit being configured to monitor log file for error 
messages can detect those which appeared between Monit executions.

2. If executed in non-daemon mode Monit reads the state from .monit.state file, 
but do not save the latest state on exit (unlike the daemon mode). This make it 
impossible to use non-daemon mode to monitor logs for specific messages.

Would very much appreciate if someone explain if these behaviors are for 
reason, or bugs, or well known but planned to be changed.

Best regards,

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