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SSL Error | Handshake Failure

From: Charles Charleston
Subject: SSL Error | Handshake Failure
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2016 13:24:51 -0800


Had a SSL issue popup today on a server that has been running Monit for 4-5 months with issue. There were no updates or changes to that server or Monit so odd that this happened. Monit communicates with my M/Monit server via SSL and always has. I have checked the configs for both M/Monit and Monit and everything is as it was. The .pem file is still in place.

Monit runs but can't comminicate with M/Monit and monit status shows:

address@hidden [~]# monit status
SSL: write I/O error -- Connection reset by peer
SSL: write error -- error:140790E5:SSL routines:SSL23_WRITE:ssl handshake failure

There actually was 1 change today but that was just M/Monit trial license expiring, I bought the license and it started working again and weirdly enough at the same time this SSL issue shows up. Has me a bit stumped at the moment so any help would be much appreciated.

Chuck Charleston

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