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monit5.5: Problem with process restart

From: shiva rkreddy
Subject: monit5.5: Problem with process restart
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2012 17:13:48 -0600

Hello there, 

Here is the problem scenario:

1. A process is running in  while(1) loop with sleep. Process name: whileTest
2. Once the process is started a pid is captured rom ps output  and written to 
   the pid file /var/run/
3. After the process has started, monit is started with: monit -c ./monitrc
set daemon  30              # check services at 30 second intervals
check process whileTest with pidfile /var/run/
      start program = "/tmp/whileTest &"
4. Now kill the whileTest process using: kill -9 <PID>
5. Make sure that original whileTest process got killed.
6. Wait more than 30 seconds and verify whether a new whileTest process has started.

I could see that the process has never restarted.

Any ideas on what could be missing here?

Appreciate your help.


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