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Error to send alert mail

From: J1 Simón
Subject: Error to send alert mail
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 12:36:51 +0200
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I have opened a bug about this error:

Gentoo 64 bits
monit 5.5

_The problem_:

Recently I have updated to version 5.5 and now it doesn't work the alerts by mail. With previous version worked. The relevant part of monitrc:

set mailserver port 587
username "address@hidden" password "mypassword"
using tlsv1
set mail-format {
from: address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>
subject: monit alert -- $EVENT $SERVICE
message: $EVENT Service $SERVICE
Date: $DATE
Action: $ACTION
Description: $DESCRIPTION
check device rootfs with path /
if space usage > 93% then alert
alert address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden> with the mail-format {
subject: monit alert -- Disco duro casi lleno!!!
message: El espacio ocupado del disco supera el 93%
Date: $DATE

Today the warning occurred but it did not send any mail.
I have consulted the sent and spam folder of Gmail account but there isn't any alert message.

Log file:
[CEST Sep 15 11:03:00] error : 'rootfs' space usage 93.5% matches resource limit [space usage>93.0%] [CEST Sep 15 11:03:30] error : Sendmail: error receiving data from the mailserver '' -- Resource temporarily unavailable
[CEST Sep 15 11:03:30] error : Aborting event

I have configured my ssmtp server to use Gmail stmp server following this guide: and I can send mail using "mail" command. Then, I think the problem is only in monit.

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