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"start all" or "start name" arguments may be confusing

From: Wang, Yongkun | Yongkun | BDD
Subject: "start all" or "start name" arguments may be confusing
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 10:20:27 +0000
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I tried monit, it's a very nice software.

I think the "start all" or "start name" arguments may be confusing. 

At first I didn't notice that these arguments were for "non-daemon mode", I had thought the following command would start the monit process if it was not started:
$ bin/monit –c conf/monitrc –v start all
But monit just complained that the pid file did not exist and simply terminated.

I read the source and I found that when the "action" arguments are not null, the "Run.once" is set to TRUE, so the daemon won't be started.
Then I also found these lines in the document: 
Once you have Monit running as a daemon process, you can call Monit with one of the following arguments. …"
But people like me may not notice this information at the first glance.

I think maybe it's better to add more help information when monit finds that monit process is not running:
E.g. "Please run 'monit [-c monitrc]' WITHOUT action arguments"

Or add the following lines as a quick start in document:

Step 0: chmod 600 monitrc
Step 1: bin/monit [-c monitrc]
Step 2: bin/monit ACTIONs

Yongkun Wang

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