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Check dependency

From: Piotr Gasidło
Subject: Check dependency
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2012 14:20:26 +0200

I have three services nginx, php-cgi and pgbouncer.

Now I must setup dependency chain, but there is a problem.

Checking if php-cgi is running depends on nginx.
Checking if pgbouncer is running depends on php-cgi and nginx.

If I setup dependencies like this:

check nginx ...
  if ... then restart

check php-cgi ...
  if ... then restart
  depends on nginx

check pgbouncer
  if ... then restart
  depends on nginx, php-cgi

Now. When php-cgi fails monit restarts php-cgi and pgbouncer - for me
this is wrong. State of pgbouncer is unknown (probably it is OK) until
php-cgi gets restarted and check in pgbouncer (via nginx / php-cgi)
will confirm if it should be also restarted or not.

I need something like check dependency (not to be confused with
start/stop dependency) - if monit is unable to fullfill check
dependencies for service it doesn't do anything to this service
(restarts, etc.).

Is it possible with monit? Any patch?

Piotr Gasidło

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