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silent option for command line

From: Kamenik, Aleksander
Subject: silent option for command line
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 11:49:39 -0000


I'd appreciate a silent option for the command line monit client, which would 
tell monit and m/monit not to send an alert.

It would be useful for monitor, unmonitor, restart etc commands when doing 
manual maintenance and in nightly scripts.

'monit unmonitor all' is especially spammy for example. However 'monit -S 
unmonitor all' would be completely silent.

Furthermore I don't see why manually issued commands should send alerts at all. 
I'd probably create an alias monit="monit -S" anyway.

Anyone agree, disagree?


Aleksander Kamenik
System Administrator
Krediidiinfo AS
an Experian Company
Phone: +372 665 9649
Email: address@hidden

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