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[Announce] monit 4.5-beta1

From: Martin Pala
Subject: [Announce] monit 4.5-beta1
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 21:42:40 +0100
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The monit 4.5-beta1 is available:

Download from:
MD5 checksum:  cbaba33323b4e03abb80694724fa1ecd  monit-4.5-beta1.tar.gz
Change log:

We ask that as many as possible will help us in testing this beta.

CHANGES since version 4.4:

Version 4.5


*  New URL connection test. It is possible to use the URL notation
   when testing the HTTP protocol. The http protocol test is also
   changed to attempt to login using Basic authentication if the URL
   contains a username and password as shown below. In addition the
   protocol test will follow redirects responses from the HTTP
   server. Finally the new URL test can be used to test the content
   returned by the server. POSIX regular expressions are supported in
   this test. Below is an example showing off the new URL test:

    check host FOO with address
      if failed url https://user:address@hidden:8080/?query
         and content == 'action="j_security_check"'
      then ...

*  Added monit daemon incarnation identification to monit status.
   It is unique number based on monit startup time which
   identifies monit instance.

* Added wap interface contribution for monit (available in contrib/wap.php).
   Thanks to David Fletcher <david at megapico!co!uk> for providing
   the script.

*  Added apache-status protocol test contributed by David Fletcher,
   <david at megapico!co!uk>. If you use the Apache Httpd server and
   the mod_status module, this test may be useful since you can test
   the internals of Apache as reported by mod_status.

*  Allow statements accept additionally numeric networks in IP/MASK

*  Added process PID change test. This test is implicit and monit will
   send alert by default. It is also possible to override the alert
   action by explicit definition:
        if changed pid then <action>

*  Added process PPID (parent pid) change test. This test is implicit
   and monit will send alert by default. It is also possible to override
   the alert action by explicit definition:
        if changed ppid then <action>

*  Internal control file language changes. The char '=' is promoted to
   a keyword and not longer ignored by monit. This change should be
   backward compatible and shouldn't affect existing control files.

*  Monit now looks for the controlfile monitrc in the directory
   /usr/local/etc/ too (in addition to present ~/, /etc/ and ./)

*  NetBSD support added

*  Added NTP version 3 protocol test contributed by Michel Marti
   <michel!marti at objectxp!com>.

*  Added support for monit daemon wakeup via its http interface. This
   allows to remotely force the immediate validation cycle start. The
   daemon wakeup may be called using "/_validate" url (there is also
   button for this action on the main monit http interface page).
   Thanks to Leen Besselink <leen at wirehub!nl> for suggesting the

*  Fix total real memory usage statistic on Darwin.

*  Fix cpu usage statistic on Darwin.

*  Make the device space and inode usage statistics more accurate.
   Thanks M. D. Parker <mike!parker at ga!com> for reporting the
   problem and providing the patch.

*  Remove --without-accurate-mem-calcs and make it the default
   behaviour. It appears that some of the info in the Linux 2.4
   kernel was suspect, and it's outright bogus in 2.6.

*  Fix process total memory usage (i.e process itself + children)
   monitoring. Thanks to Michel Marti <michel!marti at objectxp!com>
   for patch.

*  Fixed custom mailserver port definition in 'set mailserver X port Y'
   statement. Thanks to Pavel Urban <urbanp at mlp!cz> for reporting
   the problem.

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