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strange memory usage values

From: Georges Toth
Subject: strange memory usage values
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 05:29:12 +0100
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i'm using monit on several servers.
one gives me some strange memory usage values:

xxxx running 3h 54m 0.0% 414894.9% [-7788 kB]
xxxx running 4h 22m  0.0% 414895.4% [-2408 kB]
xxxx running 4d 19h 9m  0.0% 414895.3% [-3548 kB]
xxxx running 4h 48m  0.0% 414895.4% [-2528 kB]
xxxx running 35d 12h 44m  0.0% 414895.5% [-1320 kB]

the version i use is 4.4, running on a x86 (non-smp), kernel 2.6.9.
restarting monit doesn't help, it keeps displaying those values.
does anybody have an idea what might be the problem ?


Georges Toth

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