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RE: Monitoring CPU usage always zero?

From: Martin Vernooij
Subject: RE: Monitoring CPU usage always zero?
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 15:25:12 +0200

>>During testing I had a small script running, doing wget's of
>>webpages on
>>this server, and 'top' showed 0% idle and around 10 httpd processes
>>eating all cpu. I can't find why monit sees 0% CPU and I'm sure the
>>server is fully loaded by httpd process. Any suggestions?
>Could it be because monit would be monitoring the parent httpd
>(run by root), who forks into childs (run by nobody or
>apache)?  The parent httpd effectively doesn't use much cpu.
>The childs are working hard :).

That's 100% true. But when I use the web interface of monit, it does
count the memory of it's children, but not the total cpu usage.
According to the documentation of monit, cpu usage should be
reported/monitored including the children.


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