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Re: Question about upgradeing

From: rory
Subject: Re: Question about upgradeing
Date: Sat, 5 Oct 2002 23:40:55 -0700 (PDT)

As with all upgrades, there are probably some general guidelines to
follow. I don't recall anything specific to upgrading. However, if you run
ssh I'd do something like the following:
make sure that your ssh stop script does not kill current connections. If
you monitor ssh with monit, then running <ssh stop script> and seeing if
you get booted is a good idea. Hopefully, you don't get booted. If you do,
them monit will start up ssh for you again, and you can remove that from
being monitored.
Then you can stop monit (which shouldn't kill the programs it's
monitoring) install the new one and make sure it's working. Basically,
I've had no problems as long as I leave a remote shell running for me that
I can fix things.
If you're a little more paranoid, you could first install the new version
of monit, and use an alternate config file to test it out. Or you could
have 2 remote shells running, and execute the command in one shell:
monit quit; sleep 500; monit

so that monit can come up and restart sshd should something bad happen.

Generally speaking, you should apply best sys admin practices and you
should be OK, standard disclaimers apply.
> Hello,
> I currently have monit 2.5 installed on a server co-located 2000 miles
> away. (note to all, co-locating that far away is a bad idea) I have
> tried  to find any documentation on upgrading but I cannot find any.
> Although I  assume that I could:
> stop monit
> install 3.0
> start monit
> I do not want to find out the hard way and end up driving 4000 miles.
> Could someone please verify with me the suggested/recommend upgrade
> solution.
> If this has already been documented and I have completely missed it
> then  please point me in that direction and I will gladly RTFM.
> To the devs:
> Thank you for all your hard work on a great program!!
> Gabriel Iovino
> address@hidden
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