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Re: Wierd monit/sshd interaction

From: Martin Pala
Subject: Re: Wierd monit/sshd interaction
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 22:52:56 +0200


it is strange - maybe the problem could be in sshd. Can you attach output
from monits strace as described in FAQ or strace of sshd in the time of
start as outlined bellow?

For the second case it should be sufficient to do:

start program = "/usr/bin/strace -f -o /tmp/debug_ssh /etc/init.d/ssh start"

There's yet little problem with second case in monit <= 2.5 ... current
monit version parser support only few start program patterns correctly (see
item 7 on for details). On CVS is
currently "hotfix" for this problem - it works good with above pattern (btw.
it is only temporary solution before extended parser refactoring). If you
want use above start pattern, you must either use CVS sources or i can
prepare patch for you (or i think that it could be possible to use strace
directly in sshd rc script instead in monitrc).


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Subject: Wierd monit/sshd interaction

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