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Restarting monit when if it fails and Inittab

From: Nick Hall
Subject: Restarting monit when if it fails and Inittab
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 11:04:39 -0500

I recently installed monit since I've heard it works well for
monitoring processes (mainly I wanted it for Apache). This is
probably a novice mistake but I put monit as a respawn
process in /etc/inittab since I thought that in the case that
monit could crash (which may be very unlikely), I wanted a
way for it to be restarted automatically, or at the very least,
I be notified. Every couple days I would get a bunch of alerts
that Apache was restarted at the same time and often when I
looked Apache wasn't even running after all that. What was
happening was that as time passed more and more monit processes
were being spawned and I had 10 separate ones trying to restart
Apache at the same time. I see monit has a "-I" option to run
from Init but I can't find any documentation about what that
specifically does. Does anyone know if this would be something
I should run to fix the problem of multiple monit processes
being spawned? Or even better, what is the better way of trying
to insure that monit stays running? I thought about creating
another monit config to just make the sure first copy of monit
is running. Are people doing it this way or just not worrying
about monit crashing? Thanks for the help,


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