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Re: PACKAGES and packagers

From: Jani Mikkonen
Subject: Re: PACKAGES and packagers
Date: 15 Jul 2002 14:15:58 +0300

> - How can 'trusted' packages be build on Solaris, if they don't support pgp?

That i do not know, might be possible but with my limited knowledge on
solaris pkg, cant answer this.

> - Does Solaris provide something like 'source' packages?

Not that i know off. Ofcourse there's a possibility to add the
sourcefile only and few shellscripts that would build the the monit from
scratch and then build binary pkg automaticly from results. Not
impossible at all but requires some fancydandy shell scripting.

> - Can you contrib a solaris8 spec file?

Yes, i can but. But.. Its not that straight forward to just give a spec
file because there's no "standard" way to make pkg's. User can pretty
much make initial build to anywhere in the fs, then list all files,
build a prototype of that filelist and then do the pkg. Clearest way
would be to supply a shellscript that does this all, and i can do it but
i dont have anything ready right away..

> - How have you managed to aquire

Point your webbrowser to (not that i suggest
using netsol to anyone), have few spare dns servers for disposal (my
primary is at home, got 2mb fixed line there. And secondary is at
company where i work, isp) and working credit card and you are set ;)

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