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Re: Statistics by mail + stuff

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: Statistics by mail + stuff
Date: 12 Jul 2002 17:29:30 +0200
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I did read your mail again, sorry for not answering properly the first

Thomas Oppel <address@hidden> writes:

> An other thing: I took a look at savannah download area.  "You only
> require to follow a standard tree organisation if you want to use
> the Savannah Filelist for your project, available once you have
> checked the correspondant box in your Project Public Info. 

I have checked a checkbox for file release in savannah now. 

> /-monit
>       monit-{lateststable}.tar.gz
>       monit-{lateststable}.i386.deb
>       monit-{lateststable}-rh71.i386.rpm
>       monit-{lateststable}-rh71.src.rpm
>       monit-{lateststable}-suse73.i386.rpm
>       monit-{lateststable}-suse73.src.rpm
>       /monit.pkg
>               /-2.4.3
>                       monit-2.4.3.tar.gz
>                       monit-2.4.3.i386.deb
>                       monit-2.4.3-suse73.i386.rpm
>                       ...
>               /-2.5beta1
>                       monit-2.5beta1.tar.gz
>                       ...
>               /-2.5.0
>                       monit-2.5.0.tar.gz
>                       monit-2.5.0.i386.deb
>                       monit-2.5.0.whatever.i386.rpm
>                       ...

If you can do this it looks very good. I leave it to you to manage

> And to quote the FAQ again:
> "You can add a anchor as #packageversion in the link to your filelist to 
> point 
> to a particular version. For example, 
> will point to the 
> version 0.99.7 of the package sgml2x. 
> You can add a variable as &highlight=version in the link to your filelist to 
> highlight a particular version. For example, 
> will hightlight 
> the version 1.0.2. 
> That way, we can upload any tarball - with or without corresponding rpms - 
> and 
> link to the one considered the latest stable.

Very good. At the moment I only link to the download area from but can change this later, when I get
back from my vacation. 

I guess I'll release the new 2.5 version tomorrow moring if there are
no objections and it would be greate when you get time if you can
upload the rpm's.

Thanks again for doing a fine job with providing the Suse rpm.

Jan-Henrik Haukeland

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