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Re: 2.4.3 beta won't compile on sol2.7 (getaddrinfo missing)

From: Jan-Henrik Haukeland
Subject: Re: 2.4.3 beta won't compile on sol2.7 (getaddrinfo missing)
Date: 02 Jul 2002 23:10:24 +0200
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Christian Hopp <address@hidden> writes:

> 2.4.3 won't work for Solaris 2.7, because getaddrinfo is introduced
> in Solaris 2.8. )-:

Okay, never mind. There is a new 2.4.3 beta out on:

I have gone back to use the old IPv4 only code. And removed the

I have tested the new version on Solaris 5.8, it compiles and does not
seems to have the LISTEN problems you have reported. Lets hope this
version will solve your problems with monit. (If not we have to look
into fork and descriptor inheritance -- I hope we can avoid this).

Lets us know if it works!

Ps. I'm going away from tomorrow at lunch-time for a couple of days 

Jan-Henrik Haukeland

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