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Re: Plans for the next release

From: Rory Toma
Subject: Re: Plans for the next release
Date: 01 Jul 2002 13:36:48 -0700

> 2. Using monit as an init replacement - 2. Rory or hauk?

I'm thinking the correct way to do the above (long term goal) is to
merge the monit code into one of the init programs. This obviously does
not work with Solaris, but would work well with Linux/BSD. This probably
ends up being somewhat complex, so we should discuss what this means.
The way I see it, monit is an extension of init's capability of starting
programs, thus, to me it makes sense for monit's capabilities to be
coded into init. However, for portability, we might want a system set up
where init monitors monit, and monit takes care of the complete start up
sequence. Being in a Linux world, I'm biased towards the first, but I
can be argued into either.

I have a question about the web interface? Is it possible to still make
localhost connections (monit stop/start) but not display any html?

Rory Toma               address@hidden
VP of Run Level 5
Digeo Digital 

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