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[Mlview-hacking] Initial patch for Gnome 2 support

From: Dave Malcolm
Subject: [Mlview-hacking] Initial patch for Gnome 2 support
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 18:10:37 +0100

Attached you should find my initial attempt at a patch (compressed) against 
the CVS version of mlview for building on the Gnome 2 platform.

This version compiles, links and runs on my machine (using the Garnome 
version of GNOME 2).  Much of the functionality appears to work.  But some 
stuff doesn't and I'm not sure whether the problems are to do with my port or 
due to existing bugs in mlview.

Given that you don't have Gnome2 and I don't have Gnome1, I suspect it's 
going to be a bit difficult for you to do anything meaningful with this code 
for now.  I've done it mainly so I have a working build on my machine - I 
want to implement a new view widget, and the code for the new widget ought to 
work on both versions of Gnome.

Then again, if anyone out there on the lists wants to try building against 
Gnome2 this patch may be of use...  Please let me know how you get on...

        removed some tests simply to get it working (very naughty)

* src/  
        use pkg-config for compiler and linker settings

* src/mlview-app.c
        fixed problems due to GnomeAbout and toolbar API changes

* src/mlview-attributes-list.c
* src/mlview-namespace-editor.c
* src/mlview-tree-editor.c
* src/mlview-xml-doc-tree-view.c: 
        signal creation uses g_signal_new rather than gtk_signal_new

* src/mlview-editor.c: 
        signal creation uses g_signal_new rather than gtk_signal_new, fixed 
problem due to gtk_notebook API change

* src/mlview-node-editor.c: 
        signal creation uses g_signal_new rather than gtk_signal_new, replaced 
of deprecated GtkText widget with the GtkTextView widget and GtkTextBuffer 
object; each GtkTextView has its own GtkTextBuffer.

* Replaced the deprecated GtkCTree usage with the new GtkTreeView code
* Updated the ChangeLog entry

* The about dialog doesn't work

I'm planning to spend time tomorrow on a new view widget.  Is there anything 
I should know about the model/view separation?  There was a cryptic message 
in the TODO about "work on the document/view enforcement" :-)


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