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make compilation

From: valerij zaporogeci
Subject: make compilation
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2017 01:37:09 +0300

I've just compiled make 4.2 for Windows (XP x64, Visual Studio 2008
compiler, through nmake). Didn't test it though, just made my small
project with a quite simplistic makefile and it worked. The
compilation wasn't without problems. I don't know either this is my
fault or make's one. In any case, It would be useful to get your
attention on it. for at least 1 side.
subproc nmakefile doesn't set -I ..\..\glob so compiler says glob.h is
missing. this include is inside makeint.h, the latter is included for
example in sub_proc.c, w32err.c.
in pathstuff.c there is a reference to isblank() which is not found
anywhere, so in the end linker can not resolve symbol _isblank().
During investigation I found that there is a macro ISBLANK in the
makeint.h and just uppercased isblank() in pathstuff.c to ISBLANK().
:D Of course it compiled now, but I cannot say whether this bravery
isn't stupidity. How do you think? Is it supposed to be ISBLANK macro
there or there is really a function isblank()?

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