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cmd.exe /c exists because of a compilation error transmitted by gnumake

From: Cedric Perthuis
Subject: cmd.exe /c exists because of a compilation error transmitted by gnumake to the shell
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 15:11:51 -0800
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I have to launch a build remotely. I do so by executing on the remote build machine the following command:
"cmd.exe /c gnumake"

I need to send back some data to my build manager too, so I need to issue several commands at the same line. For example:
"cmd.exe /c gnumake && pause"

if the build succeeds then my cmd.exe window will be left open on the build server waiting for someone to press a key. This is fine, this is exactly what I want, since instead of the pause I could execute some more commands.

However, if the build fails: with a message like this one:
win32\main.cpp(32) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Rapi.h': No such file or directory
gnumake: *** [../../tmp/win32/Debug/emviewer/win32/main.obj] Error 2"
then the command "pause" is not executed.

I beleive that gnumake is returning an error ( I don't know how exactly ), and this error forces cmd.exe to exit before finishing the current command line.
So my problem is not entirely due to gnumake. it's mainly a cmd.exe.
For instance if I do "cmd.exe /c asdsadsadasdada && pause" cmd.exe will say something like command not found and will exit without calling the pause. The thing here is that my build command is completely valid, the fact that the build fails is something else, that I want to handle myself. so is there a way to configure gnumake not to output an error which makes cmd.exe to exit ? and I am wondering if someone has a workaround or have tackkle the pbl differently.

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