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RE: Some bugs reported with W32 make... please comment...

From: Konrad, Doug
Subject: RE: Some bugs reported with W32 make... please comment...
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 09:48:10 -0800

Funny thing. I was just trying to get the native W32 build to work, as
I'm upgrading our build systems from 3.74 to 3.80. We use cmd.exe almost
exclusively, and the W32 build broke the system because it refused to
use cmd.exe. 

I examined the source, and in variable.c, the logic for DOS file
handling depends on __MSDOS__ which is true for the DJGPP build, but not
the native W32 build. The native W32 build uses WINDOWS32 for this
purpose and has separate logic.

Doug Konrad

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Subject: Some bugs reported with W32 make... please comment...

Can someone take a look and comment on these bugs that were just filed:

I've never really understood the management of SHELL in Windows so I
can't say much about the first one.  One of the others seems to point to
some kind of bug in variable exports in the Windows version of GNU make,
and the third is possibly already fixed by the parallelism changes that
were just introduced... or maybe not?

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