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Problem with archive(member) wen using MSVC lib

From: Laiju Mathew
Subject: Problem with archive(member) wen using MSVC lib
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 11:38:16 +0530


In my Makefile , I have a target like this

archive(member) : %.c
     <commands to compile and archive>

When the object file has been archived into the library using "lib.exe" of MSVC 6.0, this target is executed even if the time stamp of the C file is earlier
than the archive file [.lib]. When I use "ar" of MKS-NT to archive the object file, I do not face this problem.

Has anyone faced this issue ?  Is this a known issue ? I serached on the internet, but did not find  any relevant information. I am using version 3.80.

Please let me know if anyone can give me any pointers to my question.



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