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DOS paths and SHELL

From: dale . thomas
Subject: DOS paths and SHELL
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 13:37:12 -0700

I am new to using gnumake onder DOS. Our company does builds by checking out code from PVCS with path names like

Will the win32 port of gmake grok these paths. So far when I try a simple test like

foo := $(wildcard \\tree0\foo\bar\bld\nt\*_v)

    @echo $(foo)

The echo returns nothing or Echo is on

If I change the wildcard call to

foo := $(shell echo \\tree0\foo\bar\bld\nt\*_v)

I get \\tree0\foo\bar\bld\nt\*_v

Is this an issue with path seperators or perhaps the SHELL?

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