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Re: wrong link command called

From: Johan Bezem
Subject: Re: wrong link command called
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 19:47:43 +0200
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my 5c:

Earnie Boyd asked:
EB> You're posting to the make_w32 list which doesn't support Cygwin make.
EB> You stated that you have built the beta version of make.  Is that
EB> version dependent on Cygwin or is it native?

This is the right question IMHO.

Jonathan Baccash wrote:
JB> I am using GNU make 3.81 beta 2, and I built it myself.  I used the
JB> version produced in the WinDebug directory to track down what was going
JB> on within the GNU make source code.

This would suggest to me, that the build is a win32 build using the/a Microsoft 
compiler. But maybe Jonathan has created his own environment using a WinDebug 

The Cygwin-port of GNU-make contains special additions in order to 
mix-and-mingle DOS-like filenames, using forward and/or backward slashes, and 
the Cygwin file system which makes a Windows disk look like a Unix one. 
(Several other minor modifications may exist, I have just played around mostly 
with make 3.79.1, both Cygwin and Solaris).
Additional potential for problems IIRC is the presence/absence of the SHELL 
variable in the environment and/or the makefile, and the shell(s?!!) it is then 
pointing to.

I see two viable options:
- Specify the linker (and possibly others) with an absolute pathname; not sure 
if this will work, since it may depend on the contents of your makefiles, using 
VPATH, or other pathnames within your makefile.
- use a Windows "CMD.EXE /c make ..." batchfile/alias from within Cygwin.
The best solution may not be viable, or worth the effort:
- Merge the changes for the Cygwin 3.80 vs. the regular 3.80 into the beta, and 
use the Cygwin compiler toolset (GCC) to create a new build.

The make produced with Visual Studio may definitely have problems with a shell 
underneath different from CMD.EXE.


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