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% in target

From: Douwe Doornbos
Subject: % in target
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 22:59:54 +0100


I'm a starting make-w32 user (version 3.80). I have this in my makefile:

sheet_%.pdf : ....

But, when I execute 'make sheet_a001.pdf' I get the message 'No rule to make
target ...'. Is there something I overlook. I read part 10.5.1 of the

What I'm trying to achieve is a rule which looks in one directory for xml
files and make pdf files in another directory (with another name if
possible) with the specified command. F.e if a001.xml exists or is newer
than make sheet_a001.pdf. If I create a new xml file the rule should detect
this and create the according pdf file. Is such a rule possible?

Kindly Regards,


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