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reply soon!!!

From: barrister Ademola Adams
Subject: reply soon!!!
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 17:03:40 -0700

Attn: The President,
We are solicitors and Attorneys to Mrs. Elizabeth Jean Paul, a National of the 
Republic of Benin now residing in Nigeria and on her behalf and directive we 
write you this letter. Mrs. Elizabeth Jean-Paul is a widow of the late Lt. Col. 
Koffi Jean-Paul, the erstwhile Directorate of Logistics & Supplies in the West 
African Peace Keeping Force (ECOMOG) who has brutally murdered by Major John 
Koromah led junta in Sierra-Leone. We are making this contact with you on the 
basis of your Corporate profile we received from the Foreign Trade Office of 
the Chambers of Commerce & Industry here in Nigeria and our chatting. The 
motive of this letter to you is for investment purposes as our client, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Jean Paul is willing to invest the US$24,000,000 left behind by her 
late husband in any lucrative ventures abroad on equity basis. She is planning 
to come over and stay in your Country after a successful investment of her 
money especially in the area of real estate business. I think, you are in 
better position to suggest the area of investing this fund judiciously. 
However, she was faced with a little problem immediately after the husband’s 
death. That is, the husband’s family had to assume control and seized the 
husband’s properties; according to her, she was smart and wise enough to have 
removed the Box containing US$24,000,000 and deposited with the Security firm 
in Ghana for safe-keeping before her escape to Nigeria with her two (2) kids. 
Now, acting on her behalf and instruction, we had to contact you based on your 
vast experience to handle this investment plans for her but, we do not want a 
situation where you will take advantage of the knaive widow by sitting on her 
money. I believe, we can repose our Trust and confidence in you and your 
capability of working jointly with her for mutual benefits. Please, if you are 
willing and are interested to assist her to actualise her dream ventures, then, 
contact us immediately so that we can forward a Partnership Agreement to you 
for endorsement and to give you the details on how to receive this money from 
the Security Company in Ghana and possibly, to discuss your Commission or 
Percentage as well for your services.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,
Ademola Adams Esq.

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