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Re: [ #1386738] Software Gnu Solfege for Mac.

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: [ #1386738] Software Gnu Solfege for Mac.
Date: Sun, 26 May 2019 12:12:05 -0600
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Hello Mario,

I see that previously you contacted the general FSF information for
things like press releases and other such non-technical issues.  I see
that Jeanne asked you to contact the Solfege technical mailing lists
and ask there.  There were pointers given as to how to find their
mailing list.

Well...  You have reach the Mailman administration list and not the
Solfege technical list.  Sorry but once again we must say that we
don't know anything about Solfege here.  Please contact them on
*their* technical lists.

But let me walk you through it since you went through this once before
and I don't want to keep redirecting you endlessly.  I don't know
anything about Solfege.  I have never heard of it before today.  But I
see that their web page is this one.

On it they say:

  Mailing lists
  Solfege has the following mailing lists:

  [solfege-devel] is used to discuss most aspects of Solfege, including
  development and enhancement requests, support requests, as well as
  bug reports.
  [solfege-announce] is a moderated list used to announce new releases.

Given your question you want the solfege-devel mailing list.  That
links to this URL.  They apparently use the old SourceForge mailing
lists and NOT the GNU mailing lists.  Hmm...

I go there and I go to look at the archives.  I get an error message
back from it.

  "Whoops, we can't find that page."

So apparently the Solfege project is in a sad state.  Their official
information points to a dead link.  But there are a lot of out of date
web pages in the world.  Perhaps they are just out of date?  I go look
on their Savannah page.

I select the [Mailing lists] link.

On *that* page the link takes me to the GNU mailing lists!  That's
better.  Better for us anyway since that is something we know
something about.  They have archives and the mailing list has recent
traffic with the maintainer responding.

I am sure if you sent your question to that mailing list that the
maintainer would be able to help you out.  The address is this one.
(solfege-devel AT in case there is mangling or redacting.)


Please send your question there.  That's the right place.

Hope this helps! :-)

Mario Pino Marongiu wrote:
> Hello, can I ask you politely if the GNU Solfege software as well as
> being able to be installed in the Windows operating system, is there
> a version, to install on OSx Macbook Pro? if Yes, where can I
> download the software?
> Thank you
> Unexpected of your kind reply
> best regards
> Mario Pino Marongiu
> > Il giorno 24 mag 2019, alle ore 16:34, Jeanne Rasata via RT 
> > <address@hidden> ha scritto:
> > 
> > Hello, Mario, 
> > 
> > On 2019-05-23 18:48:37, address@hidden wrote:
> >> Hello, this is to ask you if the GNU solfege software, besides being
> >> installed on a window, produces the Macbook pro version? If yes, where
> >> can I download the Mac version ?.
> > 
> > This is only the general e-mail contact for the FSF and the GNU
> > Project and I am unable to answer technical questions. My best
> > suggestion would be to contact the project mailing lists to see if
> > they can give you any help. You can find their contact information in
> > their entry in our Free Software Directory, at
> > <>. Also, you might find it
> > helpful to go to <>, where you
> > will find a complete list of all the public mailing lists, and to
> > <>, which we are working to
> > improve.
> > Sincerely,
> > j.
> > 
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