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[M16C-dev] Fwd:

From: Frances Corley
Subject: [M16C-dev] Fwd:
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 00:53:36 -0700

"Let me offer again, Paul. He brought his left leg down, and although it took his weight and saved him the fall, the pain was excruciating it felt as if a dozen bolts had suddenly been driven into the bone.

A car door opened and shut. He suddenly remembered the only incident in his life that came remotely close to this one in its desperate emotional quality. but even through the tears his eyes were conning the room, looking for something, anything, inspiration, a break, just a fucking br He was looking into the linen closet again, and his rapid breath suddenly stopped. Theyd probably say something crazy like I made a pass at him and he laughed at me and so I killed him!

Although I rather suspect that you may go into a coma before too long; I believe you are in a near-comatose state now, and I have had a lot of. Looks like a good folio edition.

The tongue of the lock, still stuck out like a stiff steel finger, bumped the jamb. The untidy litter of boxes was still there, including the ones containing the sample packets of Novril.

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