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Re: [M16C-dev] The Beginner. (was: Hello, anybody here?)

From: Gaspar Sinai
Subject: Re: [M16C-dev] The Beginner. (was: Hello, anybody here?)
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 21:40:58 +0900 (JST)

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003, Grant Edwards wrote:
> Nothing in the mailing list archive since April.  Is this
> project still breathing?

I just joined this list last week, when  I bought a board
with OAKS16 M16C kit in here Tokyo.

The board came with evaluation version of C compiler
and everything seemed to be for Windows only.

As I banned Windows at home and I plan work with M16C as
a hobby I some tought time till I could make it working with
Linux on Alpha.

It seems that only flasher I found is


I also downloaded asl-1.41r8.tar.gz from




This seemed to be the bare minimum to assemble simple
programs convert it into Motorola S-Record, remove S5
(m16c_flash does not like it).

I still have a lot of issues and bugs in this process.

Unfortunetelly OAKS and Mitsubishi is totally into Windows,
and there are no specs for the KD30 debugger that is built
in the OAKS kit.

I will definitelly not use Windows to use M16C, so I will
wait or fix some bugs if I can.

I may start with a more functional flasher. C compiler and
debugger is too big for me - I am working on it just a few
ours a month.

But what I miss most is a C compiler or a working assembler
(asl can not do org above 8000H for me) and header files.

A debugger would be useful too...


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