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Re: Long help option

From: Adam Tuja
Subject: Re: Long help option
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 19:41:30 +0100

 there is a thing with the help (-h) that makes it increasingly harder to use -
 it's its length.

Simplicity of format should not imply "scarcely documented tool". Have you
tried 'lzip -h | less', or 'man lzip' ?

What I meant by that is - the most basic and important options you want to get quickly and more advanced but less frequent, you use rarely you can "afford" to study more carefully therefore spend more time on them and/or to find them. 

What is effect of your rearrangement in the man page produced?

Just put --version, --verbose, --help at the end and "--level" at the beginning. More like in alphabetical order with exception of --help.

This is a possibility, but I'm about to release lzip 1.23-rc1 in a few days,
so it will have to wait until 1.24.

I don't mind, I use it now, (also) to test it, I'm not in rush.


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